Monday, May 11, 2009

How Many Sugar Cubes in Your Drink?

We used to depend only on water, but as times have changed we have been given more options. Now we can choose from a can of soda or a glass of juice, a smoothie or a cup of coffee. Rarely do we read the labels on that can of soda or realize how much sugar is in that juice glass we get from Benson. Well, here is something that will have you thinking twice about what drink you order next.

Michelle Chun-Hoon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Man's Best Friend

Even on our worst days we can always count on our animal friends to be there for us. I was on twitter this morning when I came across this inspriring story of a woman and her dog. It made me question how much people would do for their pets. I can say, along with many other animal lovers, that I would anything for my dog.

Michelle Chun-Hoon

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Never Too Old for the Pox

A few weeks ago I broke out into a rash. I thought it was due to the unsanitary living conditions of college and having 7 housemates. Little did I know....I had the chicken pox. It came as a surprise to me and pretty much everyone else. Although you think you will never need this, I am going to give you a few tips on how I survived:
1. DON'T scratch! As much as you want to scratching just leads to pain and scars.
2. Go to a dermatologist instead of a regular doctor because they make sure to give you creams that prevent scarring.
3. Oatmeal baths. Helps to relax and relieve itching.
4. Ask the doc for something to help you sleep, otherwise it is impossible.
5. Find a puppy. I thankfully got to go home during this and my parents had just gotten a puppy and he made everything better.

Alex Z.

An Earthy Celebration

The SCU Earth Day festivities made the world go round thanks to the tie-die, painting, free give-aways, rock climbing, and peace chains. Happy (belated) Earth Day!

Cara Uy